Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji smiles on the 41st day of his fast unto death.

In the gift of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji, we are assured that someone will yet call for justice, plead for truth, and lay down his life to take up the cause of the oppressed. In a land of midnight where politicians are thieves and murderers who conspire with priests to control and destroy so they may satisfy their greed and lust, Gurbaksh Singh is a spark of hope that oppressors may yet be overthrown by the fervent supplication of the oppressed. As the offspring of evildoers, Delhi’s dictators conceive evil continually, their feet make haste to shed innocent blood, their joy is in fashioning the fatherless, their delight is in creating widows, and their highest ambition is to see India remain heavy laden with iniquity. Because the tongues of India’s tyrants mutter perversities, because their hands know only violence, and because hatred alone springs forth from their hearts, so their days are numbered.
Though the peaceful and patient resistance to tyranny chosen by Gurbaksh Singh shall bring us to mourn as we may soon see him pass into the presence of God, the gift of such a divine oracle as this pious man brings hope that the sun may yet still rise upon a land of darkness. Though today the hands of Indian rulers are defiled with blood and their lips speak lies, Gurbaksh Singh reminds us that deliverance does not stand far off. We remember through his decision to make his life a prayer for the whole of humanity that there is a light shining in the darkness. Time alone will tell when the rulers of India will cease to do evil, relieve the oppressed, and choose to love the darkness after having seen the light of love in the willing sacrifice of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji. Until such a day arrives, however, we rest in the firm conviction that the sons of those that afflicted the oppressed shall one day come to them on bended knee.
Affirmed by Bhajan Singh and Pieter Singh, Sikh Information Centre