US Congress Must Pass H.R. 417 to Censure Modi

A UN Human Rights Day statement from Sikh Information Centre Founding Director Bhajan Singh Bhinder. After speaking to approximately 200 protesters at Tuesday’s “Rally for H.R. 417” outside the San Francisco Consulate, Bhinder gave the following statement.

Bhinder pleads:

“To help H.R. 417, please visit the website — Please read the resolution. Contact your congressman immediately. Contact members of the House Judiciary Committee (click to view and contact members). Contact the Foreign Affairs Committee (click to view and contact members). Tell them to bring this bill to a success.”

Click the image below to watch Bhinder’s statement on YouTube:

Excerpt of Bhinder’s Statement:
“The most emphasis Gurbaksh Singh wanted to draw of the world’s human populace was to the fact that there are many prisoners in India. Many. Not only Sikhs. There are Christians, Muslims, even low-caste Hindus, and many, many Moolnivasis. So Gurbaksh Singh wanted to bring the plight of those who have not been heard, those who have been mistreated, to the Western Free World, to other free worlds, to other free societies, to prick the conscience of his fellow Indians about the plight of their fellow Indians.”

“There is always a ray of hope. Humanity survives on hope. If there is no ounce of humanity, there is no ounce of hope, then there will be total despair and chaos, which the vast majority of the world gets caught in…. House Resolution 417 is one of the most strategic, most important, landmark resolutions. It simply wants to remind U.S. and India that, in their quest for a better relationship, they should not ignore the plight of the minorities of India.

“They specifically mention the destruction of the Babri Masjid mosque, the killings and rapes and tortures of the Muslims, the killings of the Christians, and many other minorities (such as Sikhs) who have been oppressed by the Indian State. H. R. 417 wants India and U.S. relationship to have as its cornerstone the just treatment of minorities and religious minorities of India.”

It specifically calls for the Indian State to initiate teachings, lessons, a dialogue, and institutionalized respect for minorities of India. It applauds the United States’ effort in blacklisting Modi, who is the Butcher of Gujarat for killing so many Muslims, initiating violence against minorities — Muslims, initially, and recently the Sikhs…. This is all election-time politics. That’s what the 417 addresses, that the election-time politics must be exposed…. 417 is a must.”

“The other way we can promote and have a very peaceful society in the free world is to take the lead of the United States Congress’ House Resolution 417. The House is a powerful institution in the world. It’s got might…. Those with power are coming to help those without power.”